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sobota, 20 lutego 2010

Stan Ridgway "Camouflage"

Zawsze uwielbiałem tą piosenkę lecz przez lata całe nie znałem jej tytułu. Dzisiaj przypadkiem puścili ją w radiu i dzięki temu udało mi się namierzyć ten utwór w internecie. Teraz już mi nie umknie.

I was a PFC an a searchpatrol, hunting Charie down.
It was in the jungle wars of 65.
My weapon jammed an I gat stuck way ouf an all alone
and I could hear the enemy moving in close outside.
Just then I heard a teig snap, and I grabbed my empty gun
and I dug it scared while I counted down my faith.
And then a big marine, a giant with a pair of friendly eyes
appeard there at my shoulder and said: "Wait"
When he came in close beside me, he said: Don´t worry son, I´m here.....
if Charlie wants to tango, now he´ll have two to dedge.
I said: "Well thanks a lot" I told him my name and asked him his.
And he said "The boys just call me Camouflage"

Woohoohoohoo Camouflage,
things are never quite the way they seem.
Woohoohoohoo Camouflage
I was awfully glad to see this big marine

Well, I was gonna ask him where he came from
when we heard the bullets fly,
coming through the brush and all around our ears.
It was then I saw this big marine, a lotta fire in his eyes.
And it was strange, but suddenly I forgor my frars.

Well we faught all night, side by side, we took our battlestands.
And I wondered how the bullets missed this man
´cos they seemed to go right through him,
just as if he wasn´t there and the moring we both took a chance and ran
and it was near the riverbank when the ambush came on top of us,
and I thought it was the end , we were had.
Then a bullet with my name on it came buzzing through a bush
and that big marine, he just swatit, with his hands.
Just like it was a fly.

Woohoohoohoo Camouflage,
things are never quite the way they seem.
Woohoohoohoo Camouflage,
This was an awfully starnge marine.

And I knew there was something weird about him,
´cus when I turned around he was pulling a big palmtree
right up out of the ground and swatting those Charlie´s with it,
from here to Kingdom Kong.

When he lead me out the danger, I saw my camp and waved goodbay,
he just winked at me from the jungle and then was gone.
And when I got back to my H.Q. I told them about my night,
and the battle I´ve spent with a big marine named Camouflage.
When I said his name, the soldier gulped, an a medic took my arm
and lead me to a green tent on the right.
He said: "You may be telling true boy, but this here is Camouflage.
And he´s been right here since he past away last night.
In fact he´s been here all week long.
But before he went he said: "Semper Fi" and said his only wish,
was to save a young marine caught in a mirage.
So here, take his dogtag, son. I know he´d want you to have it now"
And we both said a prayer for a big marine named Camouflage


so next time you´re in a junglefight and you feel the presence near
or hear a voice, that in your mind will lie,
just be thankful that you´re not alone and you´ve got some company,
from a big marine, the boys called Camouflage

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